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When Should You Hire a Professional, and Why?

Is it always necessary to hire a professional to work on your kitchen remodel? We say yes, and here are a few reasons why:

    1. They’re experienced. Even if you’re a big DIYer, it’s likely you’ve never remodeled a kitchen before. Professionals may have done it hundreds of times – certainly way more than you – so they’ll know if a design idea will work, what problems may come up, how issues can be avoided and how to complete your project in the most efficient way. For example, some of the home improvement TV shows make it look easy to demolish and replace kitchen cabinets, but believe us, this is probably not a project you want to take on yourself.
    2. They’re “Switzerland.” You may have your heart set on a certain design that just won’t work in your kitchen or might be impractical. Professionals don’t have an emotional investment in your project; they’ll provide honest opinions and solid advice based on their expertise and experience to ensure your end result is kitchen that looks great and functions well.
    3. They’ll get it done quicker. Learning as you go can be a slow process, and you’re likely to make a misstep or two along the way that must be corrected. Professionals, since they’ve “been there and done that,” will produce quality work in a relatively short period of time. Since it’s a hardship to be without your kitchen, getting your remodel done in a timely fashion should be top of mind.
    4. They’ll focus on safety. It can be dangerous to remodel your own kitchen if you don’t know what you’re doing. The combination of sharp tools and inexperience is never good. Professionals are still human and they can injure themselves on the job, but that happens very rarely – plus all workers on a job have a license and professionals have insurance.


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