The Best European Kitchen Design –
Highlights from EuroCucina 2016

EuroCucina 2016, Europe’s premiere kitchen trade show, once again wowed audiences with innovative, design-led, high quality kitchen products from around the world. This addition of our blog highlights modern European kitchen design trends and innovations on display throughout EuroCucina, including:

  • Kitchen + Architecture: The central interplay of architecture and modern kitchen design.
  • Moody Kitchen Palettes: More grey, rich brown, and dark wood surface choices.
  • Mixing Materials & Textures: Exciting interactions in modern kitchen design.
  • Open Shelving: Open and glass-fronted shelving are a leading trend for 2016.
  • In-Kitchen Food Growing System: Gardening comes indoors.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Induction rules, elegant handleless options, and bright colors return.


ABOVE: Contemporary kitchens from the new “Kitchen + Architecture III” book. Each sleek and stylish contemporary kitchen design demonstrates the design flexibility of LEICHT.

Kitchen + Architecture: Kitchen is Heart of the Home

Displays throughout this year’s EuroCucina reinforced the kitchen’s role as a central space in modern home design. Architects and designers from across the globe continue to base their designs around the idea of the kitchen being the “heart of the home” and a focal living space.

LEICHT’s publication “Architecture + Kitchen III“ was unveiled for the first time at EuroCucina 2016 and puts the spotlight on active architects from around the globe. Their exceptionally designed dwellings beautifully demonstrate how to harmoniously design the kitchen space to suit the needs of individual users. Their designs are brought together by the way that they integrate them into a building’s architecture, in terms of shape, colour and material. Central to their designs is continuity of transitions from inside to out, and the seamless integration of the kitchen and the living areas.


As part of the launch of “Architecture + Kitchen III“, LEICHT re-created 2 full-scale kitchens from the book and had the architects on hand. Here is a taste of the Säo Paulo home LEICHT featured at EuroCucina and the architect Joao Armentano.

Joao_Armentano_Architect.png    Sao_Paulo_1_Brazil_719-628-D10-385-120-j15_copy-1.jpg

Sao_Paulo_1_Brazil_719-628-M01-385-120-j15_copy-1.jpg   SaoPaulo1.png

ABOVE: From LEICHT “Kitchen + Architecture III” book, a stunning residence in São Paulo, Brazil by architect Jorge Armentano. Armentano was present at EuroCucina and spoke about the diversity and international nature of the LEICHT brand, and how it allows so much design freedom.

Moody Kitchen Palettes: A Growing Trend

While there is continued strong demand for modern white kitchens, greys, browns and earthy greens had a strong footprint at EuroCucina. NKBA K+B Insider Brian Patrick Flynn was at the show and noted that, “Dusty grays and touches of earthy green army tones served as the neutral, juxtaposed with a wide array of accent colors.”

 Moody_Rear_PAnel_With_Motif_copy.png 239-269-M01-284-221-j15_copy.jpg

LEFT: Exclusive LEICHT concrete fronts in rich grey color, along with stainless worktops. RIGHT: The clear and symmetrical arrangement of the carbon grey “Bondi” kitchen islands and the warm, elegant genuine wood fronts create a refined living space. A particularly appealing feature of this LEICHT kitchen is the new lacquer anti-fingerprint finish.


ABOVE: French kitchen featured in “Architecture + Kitchen III”

Mixing Materials & Textures: Exciting Choices for Modern Kitchens

Across EuroCucina there was a wide range of different textures and materials used to great effect. The LEICHT exhibit area showcased a developed sense for a wide range of material and texture combinations. The more different the materials, the more interesting and exciting the interaction.

LEICHT_Kitchen.jpg  K8-_Concrete__Topos-H_copy.jpg

LEFT: The interplay of color, texture and material, as well as the high quality craftsmanship, combine to make LEICHT an ideal choice. RIGHT: A newly designed kitchen island with an integrated dining table.

Open & Glass Shelving

Open and glass shelving was a highly featured trend running through Eurocucina this year. Elegant open and glass shelving designs allow for uncompromising display areas for glassware or china. From clever shelving solutions to ingenious lighting concepts, LEICHT has a whole range of ideas on how to keep kitchens tidy and show them in just the right light.


ABOVE: Intelligent storage from LEICHT include a mix of concealed & open display shelving options, including the award winning Xtend+ aluminum slat system.

In-kitchen Food Growing System: Gardening Comes Inside

With the ever-increasing demand for fresh food and sustainable living, it comes as no surprise that kitchen growing systems have made a strong appearance this year. LEICHT’s new growing system is a tall standing parapet that can be individually configured with cross dividers and lids. The system is a wonderful add-on to any design, and available in any RAL color or LEICHT material.


Appliances: Induction Rules, Elegant Handleless Options

Induction cooktops were featured almost everywhere at EuroCucina. With many benefits and performance advantages  over gas and electric, induction appears to be the emerging preference of professional and home chefs everywhere.

Many manufacturers pushed a design trend for concealed appliances, cooktops and worktops areas at this year’s EuroCucina. The Miele handle free appliances, from their new Artline series,  captured this with absolute elegance and interprets the concept of full appliance integration in a whole new way. Handleless options include ovens, steam cookers and combination units.

Induction_LEICHT_WELT_copy.jpg  Miele_ArtlIne1_copy.jpg

LEFT: Energy efficient and responsive Miele inducion cooktop. Right: Miele ArtLine handless oven.

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