Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

OK, thanksgiving is over and you may have found your kitchen to be anything but the ideal space for cooking and entertaining. Perhaps your challenge was limited counter space, inadequate burner or oven space, insufficient cabinet space and access, or maybe the layout had you bumping into Aunt Irma at every turn. So, if 2014 is the year you will…

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European Inspiration – Architect Patrick Meisch

When Markus & I travel to our home country of Switzerland, we are often inspired by the modern architecture and design we see throughout Europe. So this month we decided to so start highlighting modern European design we think you will find inspiring. Our first blog on this topic features architect Patrick Meisch and a stunning residence he designed in Belgium….

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LEICHT Cabinets at Home in Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Kathy and Ken London had Mid-Century Modern in mind when they began designing their new kitchen in Carmel Valley.  Working with designer, Anita Lewis, the London’s chose Studio Europa’s sustainable, high-tech LEICHT offerings for their primary cabinets, and custom richly toned walnut for secondary cabinets and other built-in features.    The white high-gloss LEICHT cabinets offer a clean sleek look on…

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