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We see you.  You’re a super handy family.  You built the kids' play structure in the back yard, fixed the hinges on the front gate and well, plumbing is definitely your thing too!

You watch fix-it videos in your spare time.  So you’re thinking, throwing on a few new kitchen cabinets couldn’t be that hard or go that wrong, right?  


Is it always necessary to hire a professional to work on your kitchen remodel? We say yes, and here are a few reasons why:


  1. They’re experienced.

    Even if you’re a big DIYer, it’s likely you’ve never remodeled a kitchen before. The professionals recognize if a design idea will work – and if not how to make it work, what problems may arise from permitting to other unforeseen issues when they “get in there”, how issues can be avoided and how to complete your project in the most efficient way. Home improvement TV shows make it look easy to demolish and replace kitchen cabinets, but believe us, hiring a professional can alleviate most of the worry from the start!


  2. They’re “Switzerland.”

    You may have your heart set on a certain design that just won’t work in your kitchen or might be impractical. While a professional is invested in your project, they don’t have the same emotional investment as you do in your project; they’ll provide honest opinions and solid advice based on their expertise and experience to ensure your end result is kitchen that looks great and functions well.


  3. They’ll get it done quicker and more efficiently.

    Learning as you go can be a slow process, and you’re likely to make a misstep or two along the way that must be corrected costing you time and money. Professionals will produce quality work in the shortest time possible. Since it’s a hardship to be without your kitchen, getting your remodel done in a timely fashion should be top of mind.


  4. They’ll focus on safety.

    It can be dangerous to remodel your own kitchen – you may not have the correct equipment or safety gear and you may run into areas where you are uncertain of what you’re doing. The combination of sharp tools and inexperience can lead to disaster. Professionals are still human and they can injure themselves on the job, but professionals have licenses and insurance to cover any injuries.


We are passionate about kitchens and can’t wait to talk with you about your upcoming remodel, so get in touch with us today!

When Should You Hire a Professional for Your Remodel . . . and Why?

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