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As a homeowner, when you embark on a kitchen remodel you are usually entering unchartered territory. While you have been familiar with the components that make up a kitchen all your life, you may have never considered the myriad of options available to you for everything from countertops and cabinets to appliances, sinks and faucets.

Do you really want to become an expert in kitchen remodeling? Probably not, but you do want to engage professionals — such as a designer and/or contractor — that can get to know you and make recommendations that work with your aesthetic, functional needs and budget. We’d like to assist you on your journey toward a new kitchen by addressing some common concerns, and ultimately help you understand how LEICHT cabinets may fit into your plans — in the kitchen and beyond.


Is it time to remodel your kitchen?
When should you hire a professional, and why?
How can you create a realistic budget for your remodel?
Overcoming your objections to European cabinetry.


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