Kitchen Design- How to Maximize Cabinet Space & Convert Dead Zones

In our newsletter & blogs we often showcase kitchen design from a wider perspective, focusing more on how the kitchen integrates with the overall architecture and adjoining living spaces. But today we want to take a closer look at the cabinets themselves, and cabinet door options in particular. By drawing on a wider range of door types than the standard swing-out doors, you can make a big difference in the flow, efficiency, look and functionality of your space. For detailed brochure with more LEICHt cabinet types and measurements (pgs 16-19), click here.

Sliding Doors

Leicht Sliding Doors   Leicht Sliding Doors

A new sliding door offering from Leicht is the double sliding door for wall cabinets. When closed the doors are perfectly flush, and when opened, one door ‘crawls’ over the other, to slide open and allow easy access to the interior.

Pocket Doors

Leicht Pocket Door   Leicht Pocket door

Above: LEICHT pocket door cabinets have matching interiors.

Pocket doors are an ideal tall unit solution. These doors can be pushed into side pockets, allowing easy access to the cabinet interior while also not eating up aisle space. When closed they give the space a clean sophisticated appearance by concealing electrical appliances and other heavily used task or prep areas.

Pocket doors are perfect for concealing ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and washers and dryers. And in the case of appliances that heat up, LEICHT cabinets have a safety box that ensures that the appliance is automatically switched off if the door is accidentally closed. With a pull-out table, internal LED lighting and sockets you can enjoy even more advantages.

Leicht Pocket Doors

Above: top cabinet with slide-away doors and lower shelf that features lights and outlets.

 Pull Out Doors

Leicht Pull Out Door

Above: Pull out with interior drawer.     

Leicht Pull out door

  Above: Glass baskets in tall pantry pull out.

Large or small, every kitchen has to function well and easy access is essential. And here is where pull outs shine. They can be used for anything from spices, cleaning supplies, or as pantry storage. Pull outs are also great for trash and recycling storage.

Angled Corner Units

Angled corner Unit Leicht      Leicht Angled Corner Cabinet

Above:  Angled corner units for free-standing island         Above:  Illuminated tall corner unit

With these units a fully angled door swings out to the side, giving an uninterrupted view of the elegant illuminated glass shelves. This new offering from LEICHT is available in all modern kitchen programs with a smooth surface, as floor, tall or as highboard units.

Top & Mid-Hinge Doors

Leicht Top Hinge Door    Leicht Bi-fold door

Top Hinge Leicht Door

Leicht Side Pop Up Door

These cabinets are great options for storing small appliance or concealing work stations. This distinctive door type also changes the look dramatically and can add a nice touch to your design. Hydroulic mechanisms help raise these doors up, versus to the side, and for this reason they  can be very helpful if someone has a disability or is just getting older.

Swing Out Doors With Hardware

Leicht Interior Hardware      Leicht Interior+

Above: Regular swing-out doors with hardware       Above: Swing doors with Interior+ system

By simply adding hardware or an Interior+ System to the swing-out doors, organization and space efficiency are greatly improved.