Why LEICHT kitchen cabinets?


The LEICHT brand has inspired confidence and certainty for more than 90 years. It stands for power of innovation and contemporary aesthetics, based on principles of architecture and function.


The price to install LEICHT cabinets in your home is quite affordable when compared to similar brands in the premium kitchen category. With 9 different pricing groups we offer flexibility for many different budgets – from luxury to multi-unit.

The range of LEICHT’s cabinet styles and finishes ensures the perfect kitchen design.

LEICHT delivers a perfect combination of quality, innovation, design excellence, and price flexibility. A recognized leader in kitchen manufacturing and design throughout Europe, LEICHT is now the fastest growing luxury brand in the United States

LEICHT German cabinets offer a wide selection of surfaces and finishes.

Endless design possibilities are available with LEICHT. We offer innovative planning components, flexible modules, and more finish, color, door style, cabinet hardware and lighting options than any other European manufacturer.

From handleless cabinet doors to unique storage and undercabinet lighting, you won’t sacrifice function for design.

LEICHT pairs contemporary aesthetics with skillfully engineered, integrated cabinet systems. Focused on innovative design, engineering and manufacturing, LEICHT delivers an exceptional level of quality and functionality.