LEICHT Up-Close: XTend+ System

Leicht’s Xtend+ system is a trend-setting design development which has the potential to make key changes in kitchens and dramatically influence kitchen architecture.

Modern Kitchen Design Xtend+

With this unique wall design concept, exclusively LEICHT, the space above the worktop has been given a completely new look and function. Xtend+ is without doubt an interesting planning alternative to the traditional trio arrangement with worktop, niche and wall unit. The dainty wall system with illuminated shelves in aluminium rails is designed to be placed on the worktop, completely filling the space above it.

 Modern Kitchen Design Xtend+     Modern Kitchen Design Xtend+


But the special feature of Xtend+ is the possibility it offers of closing the entire shelving space to create a smooth, calm wall area at the push of a button(also can controlled by app or voice).

Modern Kitchen Design Xtend+     

To this end, LEICHT developed a special slat system. Together with the current carriers for the LED shelf lighting, horizontal slats that are 13 cm wide and 4 cm thick are slotted into the supports of the dainty, but sturdy aluminium construction.
 The perception of the kitchen furnishings and the overall architecture changes during the process of opening and closing from an illuminated shelving system to a smooth wall space and vice versa.


The slats are operated by remote control and individual areas can be controlled separately. The MDF material of the slats is either lacquered inthe same colour as the kitchen or in contrast to it, depending on customer requirements. Colours can be selected from the RAL “Classic” or “Design” palette.
 The Xtend+ shelving system comes in grids up to 180 cm wide and 134 cm high. This means it can be planned to finish flush with the tall units.

Xtend+ Modern kitchen design

The pull-up technology is integrated above the slats behind an easily accessible drop shutter that at the same time is level with adjacent tall units.
Xtend+ thus provides a whole range of options for innovative room design and will both encourage and challenge you to create an entirely new picture of a kitchen.