Miele appliances are engineered to provide superior results coupled with ease of use and flexibility. A perfect marriage of form and function, the legendary "Miele Difference" is built-in to each and every sleek, European-designed frame.

Miele tests their appliances for up to 20 years of use, which means Miele customers can trust and rely on their home appliances. With their clean lines and timeless elegance, Miele kitchen and laundry appliances offer exceptional performance, convenient features and low environmental impact.


Miele cooktops offer cooking and extended zones in various shapes and sizes. So you can place pans and oven dishes of every shape and size where you need them. One special feature is that the cooking zones recognize the pan size and automatically control the energy supply. Bridging functions turn cooking zones into extended zones, and take optimum advantage of the available space on the cooktop through innovative technology.

Various types of heating are available for Miele Cooktops, offering the right cooktop for every cooking preference.


With the development of the large-capacity MasterCool built-in appliances, Miele is setting new standards. Perfection and precision, Knowledge and experience are the best advisers on the path to high-end products. High-end design, impressive innovations and inimitable convenience features are combined in refrigeration appliances of the highest caliber. With MasterCool, you can experience and enjoy convenience on a whole new level.​


Miele offers 3 distinctive user interface-types in the convection oven category, catering to a number of different technology preferences and price points. Miele EasyControl ovens provide a more tactile and simplified user experience, while the SensorTronic controls allow increased flexibility. New Miele M Touch technology is our more innovative user interface solution, offering superior performance and sophistication.  Seamless design integration between EasyControl, SensorTronic and M Touch also allows the 3 user interfaces to be combined within one kitchen. 

Coffee Makers

Not only does the Miele espresso machine make espresso, it also brews up delicious coffee bar drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. Get an accompanying coffee carafe and you've got yourself an all-in-one coffee machine.

The easy digital button-operated display lets you make your favorite drink with minimal fuss and effort, letting you control the strength and size of your latte to your preference. Plus, its got an additional hot water spout for Americanos or for brewing your favorite tea. 

Wine Preservation

Perfection and precision form the basis for optimum storage conditions. From the tinted safety glass with UV filter to the cold air fan, which regulates the temperature and humidity in the entire refrigerator up to the low-vibration compressor, all elements interact perfectly. Quality constantly at the highest level.

More perfect than the original: While a wine fridge offers optimal storage conditions, your Miele wine fridge with up to three different temperature zones, also provides the ideal serving temperature for various wines.