Self-Standing, Modular, Outdoor Stainless-Steel Kitchens

Take It Outside

It's the perfect time to upgrade that grill and replace it with a modular, outdoor kitchen from Julien Home Refinements. 


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* Self-Standing Sets Do Not Include:  Countertop, BBQ, faucet, appliances, accessories, à la carte options, shipping, and installation.

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Happy Hour Pro

The HAPPY HOUR PRO configuration is ideal for game nights or a convivial meal. All that is needed to spend a memorable evening is at your fingertips: a sink that also serves as an ice bucket to keep the beer cold, space for a refrigerator or an outdoor cellar and a cooking zone that can accommodate a built-in grill. Cheers!

  • Layout without Countertop:  $14,742

Includes: Bar Station, Grill Base Cabinet, Storage Cabinets, LED Lighting, End Filler Panels, Appliance Cabinet

Happy Hour Essential

With the HAPPY HOUR ESSENTIAL configuration, everything you need for preparing beverages is at your fingertips: a sink that doubles as an ice bucket, an area assigned for ingredients and both open and closed storage. A perfect bartender workstation. Cheers!

  • Layout without Countertop:  $11,745

Includes: Bar Station, Storage Cabinets, Open Shelves Cabinet, LED Lighting, End Filler Panels

Designed for stunning impact and exceptional quality, Julien's premium stainless steel kitchens are robust enough to withstand any outdoor conditions.


Turning an outdoor meal into a truly memorable experience is far easier when having the appropriate equipment. The BBQ PRO configuration is ideal for the undisputed master of outdoor cooking. Our grill cabinets have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate all major brands of ceramic and gas barbecues. Add in a SmartStation sink cabinet and its many accessories, an appliance module, plenty of storage., and you have a complete kitchen!

  • Layout without Countertop:  $17,982

Includes: Sink Cabinet SmartStation, Ceramic Grill Base Cabinet, Grill Base Cabinet, Chef Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer, Appliance Cabinet, Recycling Pull-Out Cabinet, LED Lighting, End Filler Panels

BBQ Essential

Grill, grill, grill! The only thing that really matters. A larger BBQ, a burner and the perfect CHEF module for long tools and spices. Not only the ESSENTIAL but the ideal!

  • Layout without Countertop:  $8,019

Includes:  Grill Base Cabinets, Chef Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer, Support Filler Module, End Filler Panels

BBQ Base

The countertop leg lets you combine the BBQ area with a lunch space for your guests or simply create an extension of the work surface to display your grilling skills and gourmet dishes. Optimizing space at its best, the BASE.

  • Layout without Countertop:  $4,358

Includes:  Grill Base Cabinet, Lunch Counter Leg, Support Filler Module, End Filler Panels

Choose the PURE Collection with stainless steel handles or go handle-less with the LINE Collection

Refined Pro

The REFINED PRO set, an exceptional marriage of refinement and unique pieces, elevates your outdoor kitchen to a higher level for your meals with friends or dolce vita weekends. A cabinet hides a serving cart to transport your food or drinks to the table or by the pool. This combined with the SOCIAL CORNER apron sink station are the layout stars.

  • Layout without Countertop:  $16,686

Includes: Sink Cabinet SocialCorner, Base Cabinet, Storage Cabinet, Cart & Cabinet, Chef Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer, LED Lighting, Appliance Cabinet, End Filler Cabinet

Refined Essential

Functionality and elegance complement each other in the REFINED ESSENTIAL layout. The combination of the uniquely designed Social Sink cabinet with the LED ambience modules as well as the chef and grill cabinets makes it a set that integrates seamlessly to the most beautiful decors. A workstation with pure, harmonious and balanced lines and volumes is a true work of art!

  • Layout without Countertop:  $11,826

Includes: Sink Cabinet SocialCorner, Base Cabinet, Chef Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer, LED Lighting, End Filler Cabinet.