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Achieving Climate-Neutral Manufacturing

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Amid the international conversation around global warming, LEICHT recently determined their current CO2 footprint, and was surprised to discover the extent to which measures they introduced over the years have contributed to reducing greenhouse gases.

LEICHT has been an energy sustainable-oriented company for a long time. They obtain heat from regenerative energy sources like wood waste, and years ago converted their plant in Waldstetten entirely green by using LED light sources and a range of other energy-saving measures. Their new plant in Gügling (featured below) is following its example in the spring of 2020.

LEICHT became an active member of the Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry, and is taking part in the rigorous three-stage climate pact - balancing, reduction, and compensation. The Pact was initiated by the German Association of Quality Furniture (DGM) and the certificate demonstrates the complete neutralization of their CO2 emissions, allowing LEICHT to proudly boast the title of "Climate-Neural Furniture Manufacturer".

The DGM Climate Pact is an association of companies working in the furniture industry supporting the climate protection goals of the United Nations (UN). Whereas carbon dioxide cannot be eradicated in entirety in kitchen production – the use of electricity, transport and water consumption play their part – LEICHT has nevertheless set the goal of minimizing CO2 emissions as much as possible and offsetting unavoidable emissions.

They are also a proud member of the Alliance for Development and the Climate, initiated by the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

New Energy Efficient, State-of-the-Art LEICHT Assembly Plant

LEICHT's new assembly plant is under construction in Germany's Gügling industrial park with operations kicking off in the summer of 2020. The automated plant will increase capacity and production volume while affording scalability and growth opportunities. The images posted on their website highlight the incredible scale of the project.

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