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Cabinet Design Spotlight: 2019 LEICHT Collection

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

For more than 90 years, LEICHT has been leading the way with top quality modern European kitchens. The seamless interaction of all LEICHT components and the superior range of cabinet design and customization opportunities continue to set LEICHT apart from other European kitchen cabinet brands.

Design Flexibility: You Have the Vision We have The Solutions

The 2019  LEICHT Collection offers many new well-engineered European design choices. It features a brilliant combination of material, color, architecture, and lighting choices.  Creative planning ideas and individual touches can be implemented in LEICHT kitchens like never before. In this two-part blog series, we take a close look at the 2019 LEICHT Collection. The latest innovations from LEICHT are characterized by expressive modern cabinet design, a high degree of customization, and quality down to the last detail.

In Part 1, we put the spotlight on new and expanded programs which include Solid, a new solid oak edge style program; the new solid wood programs Madero and Terma; a dynamic new Steel surface with an industrial character; as well as the expanded range of cooktop choices.

In Part 2, we look at Fios, an elegant, highly customizable shelving system; Combo, an innovative slant on cabinet organization and interior fitting systems; Vero a new glass display offering; new color choices; and the latest lighting and handle options.

PART 1: Modern Cabinet Design

Innovative European Kitchen Design

The latest cabinet designs from LEICHT can be summed up in the phrase “genuine materials”. On one hand, the new design options highlight the attractive interplay of authentic materials (wood, concrete, steel, glass), while on the other hand, the design introduces a new interpretation and finishing technique for woods that have grown naturally. Here is a closer look at the latest programs from LEICHT.

Solid: Perfect Craftsmanship and Pure Understatement

Two cabinet design trends of our time merge in our new Solid program. First, a desire for straightforward matte surfaces, in subdued colors, that are pleasant to the touch, and secondly, the desire for authentic materials such as oak, the natural look of which is delicately but effectively emphasized by the solid wood edge. 

Solid was first presented in Milan at EuroCucina 2018, and at first glance, it has a minimalist and timelessly elegant air. When you open the calm, handle-less fronts, the signature wood edge becomes visible.

Conventional cabinet design features uniform edging all around the cabinet. Solid cabinets, however, feature a genuine wood edge that is sandwiched between the laminate covered wooden core with an anti-fingerprint finish. This makes the quality of the solid-colored laminate immediately visible. The oiled wooden edge changes around the corner from longitudinal to end grain, giving the front the high-grade appearance of a solid timber girder.

Solid structured oak edge

The tasteful oak edge is particularly effective with the handle-less fronts of our Contino product line, lending the range considerable emotionality and the expression of solid craftsmanship.

Solid can also be planned entirely to suit the living area and incorporated in various interior styles. Here we see the new Solid front harmoniously combined with a panel wall made of structured oak. LEICHT offers inspiring planning solutions and cabinet design for the entire interior. Solid has a front thickness of 18 mm, oiled edges, and comes in either in natural or smoked oak.

Customization: Elegant New Wood Surfaces

Customization is a cornerstone for exceptional modern cabinet design. Being able to customize the various elements, surfaces, colors and dimensions of the kitchen – cabinets, cooktop, shelving, eating surfaces, panels, lighting, etc. – delivers functional solutions and elegant outcomes.

LEICHT offers innovative planning components and flexible modules. With LEICHT, kitchens can be designed to suit the unique architecture and interior style of the home while also reflecting the personal style of its residents. LEICHT kitchen and room concepts feature fully customizable design specifications that serve clients with unique kitchen dimensions, and tough design challenges.

Madero: Warm, Authentic Oak

Natural wood fronts continue to be a favorite surface in kitchens around the world. LEICHT gives designers many cabinet design customization opportunities with wood surfaces.

The authentic structure and grain of oak is the focus of our new solid wood range Madero. When selecting veneers for this program, we value the vitality of the wood’s growth pattern, and natural features such as twisted knots, cracks and shading.

Madero (left); Terma (right)

An interchange with simpler, less figured sections results in the authentic overall image of Madero, which is perfectly present with our vertical grain figuring. Madero is available in a range of natural matt lacquered, water-based stains, and comes in a front thickness of 19 mm.

Terma: Color Nuance with Maraval Chestnut

Another genuine wood program that delivers the customization our clients are asking for is Terma, a range of thermally modified veneers (link to blog or video about finish choices). Terma comes in one color although it provides a fascinating, changing color range using maraval chestnut — a unique, smoked wood somewhere between anthracite and brown, with red/green color nuances. The more straightforward, at times flowery veneer composition is effectively reinforced with our vertical grain figuring. Fronts are 19 mm thick.

Steel: New Ferro Surface

Last year’s new program Steel is being given another exciting surface with an industrial character. This steel tone is called Ferro which looks like dark stained sheet steel with, in parts, a light rust film. Each individual front has its own unique cabinet design structure thanks to a special oxidization procedure. The specially created textured paint can also be purchased as panel material for bar backs, end panels, and other uses.

Unusual materials of Steel make the range truly unique. The manufacturing process results in a pitted structure that looks like clouded metal – something that is absolutely compelling as a high-grade kitchen front with industrial charm. Steel was introduced in 2018 in a light, copper-like color and the range is now being extended with the darker shade Ferro.

European Kitchen Design: Countertops

The countertop is an important cabinet design element in kitchens. It must fulfill tough demands, both in terms of durability and being easy to care for. Countertops are very much a focus of our 2019 collection. In addition to new colors and material structures, we now also bring porcelain ceramic worktops into our already broad range of color and material choices.

Slimline Evo Worktop: Minimalist Edge

We are extending the slimline worktop look of our product line Evo with an even more minimalist edge and further materials. This means the cabinet design potential of Evo can be used far more diversely and creatively. In the 2019 collection we'll also be offering Evo worktops in porcelain ceramic, quartz, and solid-colored compact material.

Porcelain ceramic: Natural Stone Colors

Our new porcelain ceramic worktops are extremely robust, scratch-resistant and absolutely insensitive to chemical influences. To make sure the hard material does not break, the worktops are reinforced with an additional textile layer or honeycomb base. This worktop material is supplemented by side and rear panels in the same material. There are six natural-stone colors with a corresponding feel to their surfaces. These are available in a variety of thicknesses in all product lines as both worktop and side panel.

Continuing Part 2 of this 2-part blog series, we’ll share more exciting innovations from LEICHT including:

• Fios; an elegant, highly customizable shelving system • Combo; an innovative slant on interior fitting systems • Vero; a new glass display offering • New color choices • The latest lighting and handle options