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European Inspiration - Architect Patrick Meisch

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

When Markus & I travel to our home country of Switzerland, we are often inspired by the modern architecture and design we see throughout Europe. So we decided to so start highlighting modern European design we think you will find inspiring. Our first blog on this topic features architect Patrick Meisch and a stunning residence he designed in Belgium. Meisch’s home design harmoniously blends architecture and interior design, while material choices echo the wooded landscape characteristic of the Ardennes region of Belgium.

The back of the house opens up on two floors to the beautiful garden view- inside and outside merge throughout the many open spaces of the home. The kitchen, dining and living areas are divided only by freestanding partitions, which again offer a sense of space and unbroken views.

Connecting material elements are visible throughout the house and include black slate floors and the pale concrete-toned ceilings.

The kitchen reflects the architectural concept of the home with its straight lines, functionality and minimalist look. Handle-less, tall cabinets conceal integrated electrical appliances behind the glossy lacquered fronts and separate the kitchen from the dining area by forming a closed wall. An elongated island-block with a white Corian worktop is the kitchen’s central focus, while the virtually invisible, low-profile cooking fan allows for an unobstructed view of the serene landscape outside.

Everything that could disturb the tranquility and flow of the kitchen, has a place behind the LEICHT Largo-FG and Avance-FG cabinets in frosty white, with kick-fitting handles barely visible at the base of the cabinets.

This Passive Home also includes many sustainable and energy efficient features, because for architect Patrick Meisch, sustainability and environmental consciousness are of the utmost importance. He followed international Passive House standards and principals, to create a modern design that delivers true energy efficiency and a reduced ecological footprint. Among others innovations, the home has special windows and a building envelope consisting of a highly insulated roof and floor slab as well as highly insulated exterior walls.

LEICHT’s commitment to environmental sustainability was an important consideration when it came time to select cabinets for the entire home –kitchen, bedrooms, office, and bathrooms. Learn more about LEICHT’S commitment to environmental sustainability here.

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