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A kitchen remodel… NOW?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

What week are we on in the pandemic that has turned all our lives upside down? We lose count. Like you, we are troubled and saddened thinking about the loss of lives, but slowing down amid the chaos has brought some unexpected positive changes. Family game nights, family movie nights and home cooked meals. Yes home cooked meals have made a comeback! In fact, our clients say they are eating more since being home - breakfast, post breakfast, lunch, snack, pre-dinner snack, dinner, movie night snacks, pre-bedtime snacks. It’s endless. Someone is always making, prepping or cleaning something in the kitchen.

Are you frustrated dodging bodies, unclosed drawers, moving knives, and refrigerator doors?

It seems families are spending 80% of their time there! And while the kids and hubby are probably lollygagging around it grabbing this and that, if you’re in there – frustrated, dodging bodies, unclosed drawers, moving knives, and opened refrigerator doors – we should talk!

It’s no wonder you may be feeling frustrated since the kitchen is the most heavily used room in the home. Noticing all the idiosyncrasies and design flaws? All the things you didn’t think about during your first remodel or before you had a family? You know, the flaws you may have overlooked until now – until you’ve been stuck at home and spending the majority of your day in there. And how about the wear and tear on the kitchen cabinets, flooring and appliances? If your kitchen is the poster child for outdated design – again, we should talk.

Not to fret – you’re not alone! Many people are contemplating a full kitchen remodel. But now – of all times, can’t possibly be a good time to start entertaining construction of a brand new kitchen… or can it? We can assure you kitchen remodeling projects have not stopped, and home remodeling contractors are ready, working and busy as ever!

Why is this a great time to begin a kitchen remodel?

Here are a few reasons.

  1. Time to research products, materials and trends. This is the fun part! You’re probably working from home (or at least you’re home more often) and have time to conduct most of your inspirational and practical research, like browsing Houzz and Pinterest for design ideas, researching company websites and services, and shopping for products. According to HGTV, Kitchen trends for 2020 include two-tone texture, dynamic and patterned backsplashes, statement stools for islands, pendant lighting and use of mixed stone. We’re excited that these trends pair perfectly with our modern and traditional style LEICHT cabinetry. LEICHT offers innovative planning components, flexible modules, and more finish, color, door style, cabinet hardware and lighting options than any other German cabinet manufacturer.

  2. Time to plan. Many important design elements and decisions can be made during this time – even before a designer or contractor steps foot in your home. For instance, we go through an extensive questionnaire to uncover your design and style preferences, color palette, lifestyle and budget. etc. We compile your “wish list”, giving you plenty of time to consider the endless design possibilities.

  3. Time to examine your budget. After doing your research and consulting with an experienced kitchen designer, you’ll get a good idea of the scope of work for your project and can determine how much a kitchen remodel will cost and how much you should budget. This is a great time to take a look at finances and prepare a renovation budget. If loan paperwork needs to be completed, take advantage of the downtime to tackle it.

  4. Time to communicate and put your ducks in a row. You’re probably spending way more time with your significant other these days so might as well talk about something productive! Seriously though –talking about expectations will help make sure you’re on the same page. Discuss your wants vs. needs and splurge items. Discuss how you’ll handle unforeseen issues once the process starts and how you’ll work through changes in the budget. Decide who will be the point of contact for your designer and construction team. Create lists and keep everything in writing to avoid confusion. Although we can’t claim to be relationship experts, we do know from experience that planning the kitchen of your dreams is the perfect topic to discuss over a home-cooked meal.

  5. Time to get on the schedule. Demand has slowed it’s true, but demand is still there. Take advantage of gaps in contractors’ booked jobs and installation schedules to plan your kitchen renovation.

  6. Deals! Now is the time to take advantage of deals – especially on appliances to go along with your new kitchen. For instance, Miele is offering up to $1,400 in savings on built-in kitchen appliance packages. Thermador is offering up to three free appliances or upgrades with the purchase of their luxury suite, and Bosch offers five levels of savings based on the number of appliances you purchase. Studio Europa LEICHT is one of only two kitchen design companies authorized as Miele dealers in San Diego County. Our showroom integrates luxury appliances from Miele, Gaggenau, Thermador, and Bosch into our model kitchens so it’s easy to visualize your design.

And think about this – by the time your new kitchen is completed, the quarantine will be lifted, and you can entertain friends and family in your stunning new space. Spending your entire month in quarantine can actually be productive and help you move towards the goal of making your dream kitchen a reality. What? You need to go? It’s now dinnertime? We hear you. The mouths in the home are hungry again… off to the kitchen…

Studio Europa LEICHT’s showroom in downtown San Diego is open, and we have quickly adapted to the new environment. We’re available, ready and able to undertake a first class remodel beginning with a private appointment at your home or in the studio. We’ll also do a design consultation by phone or video conference and, working with an established general contractor like Studio Europa, you will also get to share trusted and reliable sub-contractors through our connections and partnerships. So why wait? Head over to our contact form and let us know you're ready to go!

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