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LEICHT Celebrates Grand Opening of New Manufacturing Plant

LEICHT's new state-of-the-art assembly plant in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany officially opened on October 24th, 2020. The highly automated plant lays the groundwork for LEICHT's continued growth by reducing production costs through economies of scale, advancing innovative manufacturing, reducing waste, and achieving climate-neutral manufacturing.

By consolidating most manufacturing processes under one roof, LEICHT reduced production costs and tripled capacity, allowing them to produce products for more people, making the most significant possible impact on modern kitchen design.


Panel storage, sawing and edging are networked via a cell control system and produce the carcass components. An automatically operated residual storage system for size panels as well as a powerful decoupling buffer between the sawing center and the network of four single-sided edging systems are integrated into the system.

Sorting and Sequencing

A large sorting wall is used by robots from both sides. Following a specific optimization algorithm, a carcass component is sent to a relevant robot, which in turn places the component at an optimally determined position in the sorting wall. Robots on the other side then retrieve these parts at a specific time and place them on a conveyor belt at the end of which another robot places the components in mobile transport units which have a precise destination and time zone to facilitate sequential production. At the destination, a robot then picks the component from the mobile storage system and feeds it into the system.


All drilling and milling operations on the carcass components are performed automatically. With the help of a robotic system, the carcass is then assembled semi-automatically.

Dispatch & Loading

Belts transport the fully assembled units to the dispatch area, where they fully automatically directed to loading points.

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