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Modern European Design Inspiration

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Modern European design continues to inspire and influence homes around the world. Subtle and obvious trends emerge every year in color, space, design, furniture, and architecture; even fashion, typography, and websites. This month we look at the influence of European design on a modern country home in Anglet, France.

European Style: The Birth of Bauhaus Modernism

Europe’s rich and diverse styles can be traced back to the German Bauhaus movement of 1919. The Bauhaus School of Design was famous for its innovative design approach characterized by harmonious geometric shapes, rationality, functionality, and the revolutionary idea of combining craftsmanship and art with mass production. Nearly 100 years later, Bauhaus remains a highly influential force in design and architecture.

Modern French Country Home – Anglet, France


A modern country house is what the owners of a spacious piece of seaside land were looking for. They commissioned Agence Rebeyrol Architecture to bring their vision to life, and the result is a sophisticated, spacious two-story home. Staggered gables reflect the local building style, and many eye-catching modern design touches are visible inside and out. The 3400 sq. ft. residence, situated in Southern France, offers sweeping views of the Southern Atlantic coast and the natural beauty of the surrounding area.


The house exudes warmth and coziness from afar, whilst also looking open and transparent. The architects focused on a harmonious mix of top quality materials such as zinc, aluminum and wood, and chose large-size light grey tiles for the flooring throughout.

Lighting was planned with just as much care: the low-key atmosphere is illuminated with sculptural and indirect lights and is thus even more inviting. This is particularly effective in the cooking and dining area, the central meeting point for the whole family. The open, light-flooded kitchen is a highly functional space, sophisticated yet warm and inviting.

The worktop that juts out of the kitchen island provides additional gathering space for the family that likes to meet in the kitchen and enjoy the view of the nearby beach while cooking and eating. The striking sled base that carries the worktop is picked up again under the dining table, naturally adapted to suit the dimensions of the eye-catching concrete tabletop. Consistent design elements like this harmonize the deliberately created contrasts of color and material.


The furnishings in the house include a few select pieces, and top-quality, custom-made-fixtures such as the shelving fitted into a niche in the living room. Pictures casually lean against the walls, which are mostly white, with very few other decorative objects apparent. Warm wood was chosen for both the living room and the bathroom. This is particularly effective in the cooking and dining area, the central meeting point for the whole family.

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