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Taming To-Do’s With Project Management

This month we take a break from industry-related topics and instead, share our success taming all those competing tasks, priorities, and demands through project management. Yes, tame, rather than overcome or master, or any other word used to describe turning chaos into order. The reason is subtle yet important, which is why we spent this entire paragraph leading up to it.


verb (used with object), tamed, tam·ing. to harness or control; render useful, as a source of power.

Project management is more than just organizing a project to get things done and delivering on promises. An effective project management tool takes all those tasks, resources, priorities, and demands and leverages them as a useful source of power. We’ll dive deeper into this at our October Lunch & Learn but for now, here’s the gist of it.

Turning tasks into a useful source of power. Huh?

When you get to work (or start the day at home), there’s often an endless list of tasks bouncing around in your head – you don’t even realize some of them until you unexpectedly hit a log in the road and get derailed. Suddenly your time-frame to get things done just got a lot smaller.

But what if you knew about the log ahead of time, sent a team out, and turned that obstacle into firewood to power a different project? You just stayed on schedule AND preemptively polished off another task.

Alright, maybe we took the metaphor a little far, but you get the idea. That’s how project management can take a task and convert it from another To-Do into a useful source of power.

It’s for everyone, not just large organizations.

‘Project Management System’ sounds like it belongs in a corporate meeting, but don’t let the term scare you. Whether you’re a business owner, employee, or just doing your own thing, a simple project management tool can save you valuable time and money, and make life easier. We signed up with Teamwork.com and wish we’d have done it sooner.

We’re not kidding. It really is easy to set up and use.

It looked a little daunting when we first logged into Teamwork, but after about 30 minutes of poking around, we found it easy to navigate and very intuitive.

“But wait,” you say. “I already have a system and don’t want to replace things that are working for me!”

Our thoughts exactly. But we were able to ease into it because Teamwork integrates with many of the tools we already use like MS Office, Google Drive apps, Dropbox, QuickBooks, Basecamp, and many more. Eventually, we kept some processes and migrated others (no more random Excel spreadsheets!). It really was that easy.

Lots of features if you like to geek out.

Teamwork is well-organized, presenting four main areas of use: 1.) manage projects and tasks, 2.) repository for files, notes, images, links, and messages, 3.) time tracking and billing, and 4.) managing progress with milestones, time estimates, risk assessments, and even Gannt charts!

You can use one or all these standalone features depending on how much you like to geek out, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll stop here.

$0 – $15 per month, seriously.

There’s not a lot to elaborate on here. Teamwork is literally free for life for 2 active projects and 100MB of storage. Or splurge and spend $15/mo and get 600 projects, project templates, 250GB of storage, and additional features.

To top it all off, they’ll give you 15% of any payment they receive from someone you refer. It’s true. Full disclosure – that means we get 15% if you sign up (you have to let us know so we can tell Teamwork).

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