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The Power of Price Flexibility

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Did you know that the retail price of a LEICHT kitchen is typically 30-35% lower than comparable premium quality German kitchens?

In fact, if you did an apples-to-apples price comparison, a comparable premium quality kitchen would run around $60K - $80K installed vs. $45K - $60K for LEICHT. That allows the buyer to invest the extra savings in a high quality line of appliances like Miele to complement the new space.

Quoting an average price* for high quality cabinetry is nearly impossible, so we look instead to price groups when determining a project’s price range. LEICHT’s price groups are generally determined by the door style and finish.

* Estimates are based on 12' x 12' kitchen with small island.

Groups 1 – 3

Approximate cost $20K – $30K

Is it, or isn’t it wood? Advanced manufacturing processes now make it difficult to distinguish between laminate and true hardwood veneers. Laminates will not change color over time or fade from sun exposure. They’re easy to clean and are more scratch resistant than natural wood, making them indispensable if you have children or large pets! They’re are also great finishes for any rental units, where wear and tear can be an issue.

Price Groups 1-3 feature laminate doors in gloss and matte, or European wood textured laminates. Group 2 hybrid doors are a combination of laminate and clear coat in matte or gloss for a softer, shinier feel.

Groups 4 – 5

Approximate cost $30K – $60K

Choose from high-gloss and matte lacquer doors in Price groups 4-5. This multi-step finishing process leaves doors feeling similar to a car finish or nail polish; very durable yet soft to the touch. This group also introduces LEICHT’s 10-12 core colors which look great mixed and matched with high-end German Wood Veneers (Price Group 6).

LEICHT’s lacquer finishes are available in 5,000 custom colors for a minimal up-charge. And don’t forget that in 2017, LEICHT secured EXCLUSIVE rights to use the LeCorbusier color palette. Altogether, these price groups provide a high-end look and quality, ultimate color choices, and unlimited mix and match flexibility.

Groups 6 – 8

Starting at $60K

Price Groups 6-8 feature approximately 18 different all natural and stained wood veneers to complement the core colors. Group 6 offers an ‘all glass’ kitchen in hundreds of glass color options, finished in matte or gloss. Group 7 offers exclusive lathed on concrete and aggregate stone finished doors as well as LEICHT’s signature, textured relief Esprite door.

Considering LEICHT’s vast color choices and unparalleled quality and style, it’s hard to find such a high-end ‘all glass’ kitchen – especially for a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

LEICHT’s innovative laser edge technology creates a seamless, adhesive-free finish

Most amazing is the laser edge technology LEICHT uses to provide superior adherence, melting seams together so they never delaminate. The process enhances high gloss and textured panels with no framing effect, and no glue joint to collect dirt, chip away or yellow over time.

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