Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

OK, thanksgiving is over and you may have found your kitchen to be anything but the ideal space for cooking and entertaining. Perhaps your challenge was limited counter space, inadequate burner or oven space, insufficient cabinet space and access, or maybe the layout had you bumping into Aunt Irma at every turn.

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So, if 2014 is the year you will create your dream kitchen, we hope the following tips will help you realize your goals.

By taking these five simple steps you will clarify your remodeling objectives and have the information you need to make meetings with potential vendors more productive while also insuring more accurate estimating. Taking these preliminary steps will help you maximize every dollar you spend.

Modern Kitchen remodel


5 Planning Steps for A Smooth Kitchen Remodel

1. Likes and dislikes of current kitchen: What do you like most about your kitchen? What do you like least about your kitchen? Asking yourself these two simple questions early in the process will help you make good choices throughout the remodeling process. This list of likes and dislikes might include: cabinet colors, floor plan, appliance configuration, surface materials, cabinet drawer organization, amount of cabinet space, and lighting.

2. User Needs: Determine how your kitchen will be used. How many cooks are present? How much entertaining will you be doing? What modern kitchen products or features would you enjoy? Are there children, and/or people with disabilities in the household?

3. Appliance sizes: Choosing the sizes of your major (main/integrated) appliances is an important first step in beginning to develop a floor plan and sketch of your new kitchen. Decide on sizes for your refrigerator, stove, oven(s) and dishwasher. Remember at this stage you’re only deciding on sizes, brands and appliance features will be chosen later.

4. Rough kitchen sketch: Create a sketch of your new space that includes the amount of cabinetry, location of main workstations (sink, stove, fridge), ceiling height, and major appliance positions. Having this sketch and one of your current space will help you get accurate estimates and better communicate your needs and goals. Remember the new sketch is rough and preliminary.

5. Professional support: Will you be hiring an interior designer and general contractor to oversee your remodel? If so, start asking friends and trusted professionals for referrals. And the web is a convenient place to compare and contrast your choices. You can also look for ratings and reviews on sites like Houzz, and your local Better Business Bureau.

Download this tip sheet for handy reference or share with a friend.